Pixelobject create flexible, intuitive and stunningly beautiful WordPress themes for talented creatives.

Why choose Pixelobject?

Ideal for creatives.

When lean themes won’t do, and marketplaces are overkill, Pixelobject strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and ease-of-use – making us ideal for talented creatives.

Quality over quantity.

No more fighting with complex features and options you don’t need. We critique each pixel and every line of code to give you and your audience a stress-free experience.

Optimised and 100% responsive.

Our themes scale down beautifully from desktop to mobile without loss of function, giving your audience an optimised experience on all modern browsers and devices.

Elegant and intuitive design.

We’re passionate about elegant and intuitive design – and pay attention to the every detail. We only build themes that are aesthetically simulating and satisfy a high standard.

Seamless 1-click updates.

We work continuously to make our products better with regular updates to our themes and plugins. You get our updates seamlessly via your WordPress dashboard, with a single click.

Quick and friendly support.

Need help? We’ve got you covered. Customer support is fundamental to how we do business. With each theme, you’ll get a detailed help guide and access to dedicated support.

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