Our support policy.

Our support hours are 9am to 5pm (GMT), Monday through Friday. All tickets will be answered as soon as possible (within 24 hours for Priority Support and 48 hours for standard tickets).

We’re happy to help you with theme or add–on specific support should you run into any issues that our guides couldn’t help you with. This involves help with setup, features and any bugs you may come across.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you modify your theme or add–on beyond its advertised features.

Below are a few examples of various support request, and whether they fall within or beyond our support policy:

Theme or add–on specific support.

  • I’ve followed the theme guide and taken all advised steps to setup my theme but its not working.
  • I am having an issue with an add-on feature. I have checked the guides for a solution but I am still experiencing the issue.
  • There is a clear bug in my theme which is making a particular feature not work as advertised.

All the above examples will be deemed as theme or add–on specific support – issues that interfere with your usage of the product as it has been advertised, and will be supported with an active license.

Customisation related support.

  • How do I change a particular element to make it look and behave differently to how it does in the demo?
  • I’ve checked the guides and I can’t figure out how to add or remove a particular element from a section within a page.
  • How do I make my theme do a particular function? My previous theme did this and I assumed it was a standard feature for all themes.

All the above examples will be deemed as customisation related support – issues that require customisation of the theme or add–on to meet a particular preference. Unfortunately, these types of queries are beyond the scope of our customer support and will not be supported.

However, we’ve partnered with Codeable to provide you with best-in-class customisation services at a good price from handpicked experts. Learn more here.

3rd–party plugin support.

  • A 3rd–party plugin causes errors within my theme.
  • How do I use this 3rd–party plugin in relation to my theme?
  • I can’t get in touch with the 3rd–party plugin authors. Can you help me with this issue as its related to your theme?

All the above examples will be deemed as 3rd–party plugin support – issues that are not directly related to the setup or functionality of a Pixelobject theme or add-on. We don’t consider non-compatibity of 3rd–party plugins a supportable issue.

For help with using any 3rd–party plugin with our products, consult the plugin authors directly.

General WordPress queries.

  • How do I install a child theme?
  • How do I post a new blog post?
  • How do I create a sticky post?

For general WordPress queries, Pixelobject support isn’t the best place. There are much better sources of instant information relating to general WordPress queries on the web. You’ll find answers to these types of queries in the following places:

WordPress Support
WordPress Codex

Ready to submit a ticket?

All support tickets are handled via our Support center. Create a support account (if you don’t already have one), navigate to Tickets and submit a ticket using a valid Envato purchase code or license key.

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