Siri log

Below is the changelog for Siri.

v2.4 – 9/10/15

  • Fixed portfolio filter double word issue.

v2.3.1 – 21/09/15

  • Minor fixes.

v2.3 – 17/09/15

  • Fixed localisation.

v2.1.1 – 22/05/15

  • Fixed Contact Form 7 text colour.

v2.1 – 22/05/15

  • Added link hover option to customiser.

v2.0 – 28/04/15

  • Fixed WordPress 4.2 sidebar issue.

v1.9 – 22/04/15

  • Fixed blog single page banner arrows.

v1.8 – 20/04/15

  • Fixed full screen template video bug.

v1.7 – 8/04/15

  • Fixed issues with Menu Type selector.
  • Removed slider video icon from iPad horizontal view.

v1.6 – 1/04/15

  • Fixed iPad landscape view.
  • Fixed loader.

v1.5 – 10/03/15

  • Added more Typography options to the customiser.
  • Fixed single portfolio details button.

v1.4 – 06/03/15

  • Added color option to side panel of Portfolio Section shortcode.
  • Fixed button text alignment and font.

v1.3 – 02/03/15

  • Added icon option to archive button on portfolio archive button.
  • Fixed page anchor scroll.

v1.2 – 17/02/15

  • Added color customisation to index pages.

v1.1.1 – 11/02/15

  • Fixed single portfolio and team header types.

v1.1 – 11/02/15

  • Fixed logo URL on pages.
  • Added Top header option.
  • Added ability to remove of custom cursor.
  • Added ability to remove share and search links from footer.
  • Added ability to remove footer.
  • Added comments to standard portfolio items.
  • Fixed Testomonials white arrow issue with universal light grey arrow that’s visible on all backgrounds.
  • Fixed font family issues on Text Block and Header shortcodes.
  • Updated file arrangement (footer).
  • Added compatibility to PixelBundle.

v1.0.1 – 6/02/15

  • Fixed menu positon in the slider portfolio page.
  • Fixed IE issue in child theme.

v1.0 – 6/02/15

  • Theme launched.


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